Qatar Allows Israeli Fans to Attend World Cup 2022 Venues

Due to a Fifa agreement, Israelis will be able to attend matches in the Gulf states later this year.

The Israeli government and FIFA reached an agreement on Thursday that will allow Israelis to attend World Cup games in Qatar in 2022.

Qatar Allows Israeli Fans to Attend World Cup 2022 Venues

Benny Gantz and Chili Tropper made the announcement.

“With the World Cup beginning in November, there is no better time to meet new people. I’m thrilled for everyone engaged and eager to see how they fare in the competition.”

For the past 20 years, Israel and Qatar have maintained a low-key trading and diplomatic connection.

According to Israel Hayom, Israelis with two passports were previously authorized to enter Qatar, but the new agreement will allow them to use their Israeli passports.

Sports tourism organizers estimate that 25,000 to 30,000 Israelis will travel to Qatar to celebrate the World Cup.

Out of concern for the protection of its citizens, Israel allegedly considered making travel to the Gulf state illegal in April.

Qatar will host the inaugural FIFA World Cup 2022 from November 21 to December 18.

Despite the fact that there are no direct flights between Doha and Jerusalem, Israel demands that soccer fans with tickets be admitted.

Despite the fact that Israel and Qatar do not have diplomatic relations, Israeli soccer fans will be allowed to attend the World Cup in Qatar in November.

According to the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Culture and Sports, Israeli nationals who would ordinarily require a foreign passport to enter Qatar would be able to roam freely during the tournament.

To attend a match, Israelis must first purchase a sporting event ticket and then apply online for a Fan ID card. The bearer of this card is allowed to enter Qatar and make hotel reservations.

Direct flights from Israel to the small Gulf nation are also being examined.

Despite having previously said that Israeli athletes will not be prevented from competing, FIFA and Qatar have yet to comment.

According to Gantz, Israelis visiting Qatar will help strengthen ties between the two countries.

Sporting events have helped Israel’s diplomacy in the Gulf. Two years before the UAE established diplomatic ties with Israel, Abu Dhabi began allowing the Israeli flag and national anthem to be shown and performed at sporting events in 2018.

As a result of its agreement with Iran, Qatar, like other Gulf states, may be unable to develop full ties with Israel.

The minister of culture and sports, Chili Tropper, remarked that sports can unite people and nations together across continents, and he welcomed Israelis to participate in “the world’s finest soccer festival.”

The National Security Council was considering urging Israelis not to attend the World Cup for fear of being targeted by Iran or its proxies, according to Israeli media.

Israel has warned its people traveling overseas that they may face revenge for the killing of Hassan Khodaei, an officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Last month, Khodaei was shot and died. If Israelis intended to travel into or out of Turkey, they were informed of the danger.

Israel has issued a level 3 warning, recommending tourists to avoid traveling to Qatar unless absolutely essential.

According to Israel Hayom, almost 15,000 Israelis have already booked World Cup tickets for 2022. More than a million soccer fans from across the world are scheduled to visit the Gulf country in November and December.

Only World Cup ticket holders will be permitted to enter Qatar, the Gulf state announced last month. According to FIFA’s director of security, Helmut Spahn, the World Cup this year will place a stronger focus on crowd management.

Stadiums have previously faced a variety of challenges, ranging from terrorist threats to private security and law enforcement strikes. Spahn is not present. The word that best describes Qatar is “secure.”

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